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ePlatform helps you build an inspiring digital library. We specialise in local content for the markets we serve and offer the best authors and publishers from across the globe. There are 1,000,000+ eBook and Audiobook titles to choose from and our inventory grows every day. 

ePlatform school consortia collections offer an instant peer selected eLibrary of thousands of titles for one low annual fee. See how it works here and pricing here.

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    Its beauty lies in its simplicity.

    From its set up and management, to its no-nonsense pricing (one of the most cost effective solutions on the market) – we want every interaction to be simple and enjoyable. Our Reading Apps let your members read eBooks and listen to Audiobooks easily and unhindered, and frequent innovations keep ePlatform ultra-usable.

    Over 4,000 publishers providing high quality local and international content.

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